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The SC Lowcountry, Pee Dee,
Midlands, and Piedmont

What is the Lowcountry? Is Charleston a part of the Lowcountry, or is the Lowcountry a part of Charleston? I hear questions like these frequently, especially from folks that aren't from South Carolina. Hopefully, this... Read More →

Town Halls Of Summerville
Full of Character and Prominence

Throughout Summerville's history there have been 4 town halls to include the current one. These town halls have provided much more than simply a place for the Mayor's office, City Council... Read More →

Sullivans Island – A Mysteriously Intriguing Historic Island

Home of the Edgar Allen Poe Library, Fort Moultrie and the Sullivan's Island Lighthouse, at first glance Sullivans Island appears to be a typical small charming coastal township. But when... Read More →

Pickett Park and Pitt Street Bridge
A Hidden Historic Gem

When I have the opportunity to write about, and feature places that, relatively speaking, very few know about; I am genuinely thrilled. Picket park is just such a place.
The history of... Read More →

Bulls Island and Bone Yard Beach
A Low Country Must!

Once the Ferry arrived at the dock, our immediate goal was to mount our bikes and begin movement toward our primary destination – Bone Yard Beach. We studied our map... Read More →

The Charleston City Jail
A Historic Charleston Landmark

The Old Charleston City Jail - From its original construction in 1802 to 1939, the building located at 21 Magazine Street was utilized as a jail and insane asylum. With the exterior stucco... Read More →