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I grew up in the small town of Summerville, SC. It's about 20 miles inland from Charleston and a part of the SC Lowcountry area, an area that's rich with a history, culture, and natural beauty. With this site, I have chosen to focus on the positive aspects of Charleston and the surrounding Lowcountry area. However, that doesn't mean that I have chosen to sugar-coat historic accounts in an effort to support any particular narrative. To the contrary, I find that through the true stories of those who have struggled to overcome overwhelming challenges and insurmountable odds we can all learn lessons that can inspire and shape our behavior when faced with our own uphill battles.

Mission Statement

To provide historic accounts, anecdotes, and instruction that will inspire and motivate others to reach for what seems to be the unreachable and to attain that which at one time was beyond imagination.

To always have to give to those in need, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Future Endeavors

Podcast: Sometime before the fall of 2019, I intend to launch a podcast that will focus on places to which we will be traveling, uncommonly known history, and perhaps some techy stuff.

Videography: I have set a goal to produce Youtube and/or Vimeo videos that will accompany many of the past articles I have written on charlestonandlowcountry.com as well as future articles on both charlestonandlowcounty and SteveV Online.

Photography: Soon I'll be adding a photo gallery and catalog to both charlestonandlowcountry and SteveV Online featuring some of my best photos. I intend to offer both printed and hi-res digital copies for sale.

Writing: Besides blogging I am currently working on a historic fiction novel. My intention is to have it completed and published in the Fall of 2019. It is also my intention for this novel to be the first in a series of historic fiction novels set within the SC Charleston and Lowcountry area.

Cycling: I'll be retiring from the military in the summer of 2019 which will enable me to dedicate more time to something from which I derive a great deal of enjoyment - cycling. One of my cycling goals is to ride cross country, first from North to South along the Mississippi river, and then if I am able I want to make a ride from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Of course I intend to photograph, video, and write about my experiences all along the way.