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Summerville Trolley - Good Eats Tour on The Sweet Tea Trail

Posted on 19 Oct 2014
Category: Tours, Culinary
Author: Steve Vail

Good Eats on The Sweet Tea Trail Tour
Starts at Summerville Museum

Barbara-Lynch-Hill-Tour-GuideBerlin-G-and-Wife-Marlena To start things off, Doctor Ed West presented a historic overview of Summerville in the rear conference room of the Summerville Museum. His insight and colorful depiction of past and present set the foundation for an enjoyable and informative tour. Our tour guide on the trolley was Barbara Lynch Hill, Author of the Book "Summerville, South Carolina, 1847-1997, Our History" Barbara's delightful manner and vast knowledge of the Summerville area and its history added a flavor to the tour that only she could possibly provide. As the trolley wound around through the streets of historic Summerville, she shared stories and anecdotes from past and present that captured the imagination, enabling us an opportunity to partake in the adventures.

Before we started the actual tour we stopped by the Summerville visitor's center, where we met up with perhaps the most famous Summerville tour-guide of all time, the former Mayor of Summerville and tour guide emeritus Berlin G. Meyers. Mayor Myers and his wife Marlena posed for a few pictures in front of the Trolley. Marlena Myers then joined the tour as we moved on from the visitor's center to our next destination on the Sweet Tea Trail.

Summerville Good Eats Tour - Treat Stop #1

The-Coffee-RoasterLocated at 108 E 3rd N St in downtown Summerville, Coastal Coffee Roasters treated our tour group to a wonderful morsel of their home-made Lemon cream bars. They were great, and no doubt I'll be back for more. Coastal Coffee Roasters actually roast their coffee beans on site, enabling them to offer their customers a wide variety of freshly roasted beans and/or ground coffees. They also provide a venue for local entertainers and host special events like the Veteran's Day Coastal-Coffee-Roasters-Coffees celebration that will be taking place in November. There's always something great going on at Coastal Coffee Roasters: wonderful food; great coffee as well as a wide assortment of other beverages; a fun and relaxing atmosphere for friends and family; events and patriotic celebrations; and live entertainment featuring local talent from Summerville and the SC Lowcountry area.

Summerville Good Eats Tour - Treat Stop #2

Single-Smile-Cafe Single Smile Cafe is Located at 100 South Main Street on Summerville's historic Hutchinson Square. This café has somehow captured the essence and charm of Summerville past and present. Offering a venue for local entertainment, an open-mic night, and high-quality food and beverage, Single Smile Cafe has become a highly favored hangout for locals and visitors alike. Early morning, afternoon, or evening, Single Smile café is always a relaxing, fun, and at times (Open-mic Night) exciting place to visit. They treated our group to some of their sweet and invigorating chocolate-covered coffee beans before we continued on to our next stop on the Sweet Tea Trail.

Summerville Good Eats Tour - Treat Stop #3

Next stop on the Sweet Tea Trail –Baker's Pond and Garden is located on Central Avenue about a mile south of the intersection of Carolina and Central. Bakers-Pond-and-Garden-DiningThis dining establishment/garden center offers a most unique and extraordinary experience to its patrons. A standard of excellence is evidenced in every aspect of Baker's Pond and Garden. They treated our tour group to Barbecue pulled pork and Tomato pie. Beyond a doubt, it was some of the best I'd ever tasted. The pitmaster Seth Watari explained how the barbecue pulled pork was slow roasted over hickory, oak, and Pecan hardwoods. Along with award-winning sauces, this barbecue is exquisite! Their quality of goods and services along with an astute attention to the finest of details makes for an enjoyable and refreshing experience in every way.

Summerville Good Eats Tour - Treat Stop #4

Timrod-Library-FrontOur final stop on the Sweet Tea Trail before heading back to the Summerville museum was the Timrod Library. Without a doubt, Timrod Library is at the top of the list of my favorite places in Summerville. Everything about this library; the building, books, atmosphere, and staff, Timrod-Library-inside are all an intricate part of what makes this Library a place of wonder, knowledge, and exciting discovery. It's in a class all its own and consequently is beyond comparison to any other library anywhere. There are books and reference materials here that cannot be found anywhere else; along with unique places to sit, read, contemplate and relax. We were given a fun and informative tour that concluded in the library's conference room at the rear of the building with thirst quenching refreshments and sweet treats.

Summerville Good Eats Tour - Conclusion

Summerville is one of those Lowcountry towns that exude southern charm and hospitality. With no shortage of fantastic dining establishments, the Summerville Trolley "Good Eats Tour" on the "Sweet Tea Trail" continues to supply a wide variety of all that Summerville has to offer its visitors and locals alike. The history of this town reaches back to over three hundred years. During which time it has enjoyed world acclaimed titles such as: "The healthiest place in the world"; first commercial tea farm in the United States; and yes, "Birthplace of Sweet Tea". A big shout out of thanks to some of the organizations that continue their contributions toward Summerville's preservation and tourism initiatives. Thank you Summerville Dream, Summerville preservation society, and all the businesses that serve this town so well!