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Schools Out For Summer - With Ambler Hall

Posted on 3 Jun 2014
Category: Musical Performance, Family Entertainment
Author: Steve Vail

Fleming-MooreAmbler Hall at Coastal Coffee Roasters

Well known Summerville folk singer/songwriter Fleming Moore along with several other musicians and performers from the SC Lowcountry area put together the group, Ambler Hall. This evening's performance, "Schools Out For Summer" was a great deal more than just some band performing in a local coffee shop. To the contrary, tonight's performance was full of the heart and soul of what it means to live and grow up in Summerville/Charleston and the outlying SC Lowcountry areas. As well as the joy and elation we all felt when we heard those 4 beautiful words, "School's Out For Summer!" Fans of Ambler Hall came out to Coastal Coffee Roasters this evening anticipating not only hearing some great music but to also experience the raw emotion of what these performers of Ambler Hall are able to impart. They weren't disappointed.

Ambler Hall Members

Ambler Hall band members each contributed a great deal of talent and energy toward the evening's performance of excellence. Michael O'Quin on Lead Guitar mesmerized listeners with his seemingly effortless driving lead solos. Bob Harmon, also on Guitar and vocals showed off his prowess with some lead solos of his own. John Martin on the Fiddle added that extra bit of bluegrass flavor to many of the songs. Bruce Patrick on Percussion and vocals expressed a contagious passion and enjoyment for his craft that kept the audience engaged and wanting more. Jim Mickendrow on drums was responsible for the ever steady beat and drive behind it all while providing tasteful and timely fills appropriately. Another driving force, Joey Johnston on Bass providing what I would have to describe as the undercarriage of the band's performance journey and delivery.

Special Guests

Eddie-OSarrah-SummerSpecial guests for the evening: Eddie O., Allie Kodrzycki, and Sarrah Summer. With an eloquent performance on the soprano saxophone and flute, Eddie O. fit right in with Ambler Hall as he tastefully merged his well-executed licks and fills into the flow of nearly every song performed. Allie Kodrzycki joined the band on a couple songs and provided a welcomed additional vocal harmony. She was truly able to shine when Ambler Hall cleared the stage for her to perform on her own - a nice treat for the everyone. As the night came to a close Ambler Hall introduced their last guest for the evening. Playing the ukulele and singing lead vocal, Sarrah Summer joined the band. She also had an opportunity to shine when Ambler Hall cleared the stage, enabling her to perform a couple of songs on her own. Sarrah's musical abilities combined with her style, charm, and energetic stage presence was just the right touch to conclude the night's celebration event - School's Out For Summer!


Thank You Coastal Coffee Roasters!

A strong shout of Thanks! to Coastal Coffee Roasters for providing the venue for this event; and for their continued contributions toward what makes Summerville and the entire SC Lowcountry such a great community to visit, live, and grow. For the best tasting coffee and widest variety found anywhere; great food, beverages, and live entertainment, Coastal Coffee Roasters is the place.

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