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Lunch In Downtown Charleston

Posted on 17 Feb 2013
Category: Family Entertainment, Culinary
Author: Steve Vail

Before Lunch In Downtown Charleston - The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition

Yo Burrito logoThe Southeastern Wildlife Exposition is huge and apparently it's getting larger every year. My intent was to see as many attractions/exhibits as possible and then fill this post up with my impressions. However, two major obstacles prevailed against me to prevent that: 1) The crowds; there was a tremendous turnout - in spite of the weather; 2) The weather; from the time we arrived at the visitor center's parking garage at about 10:30 AM to when we went to lunch, about two hours later, the temperature dropped about 30 degrees and I am not exaggerating. Beth and I were determined to make this a family event. So picture this: Beth and I with our little Yorkie - Gidget, my daughter, son in law, granddaughter, and their Yorkie - Bennigan; we had a pull-behind little-red-waggon. Riding in the little-red-wagon, my granddaughter, the Yorkies, our snacks, and a small cooler with drinks. The walk from the parking garage to Marion Square: not bad, actually enjoyable. Once we got to Marrion Square I was glad to see that we weren't the only ones that decided to make this a family outing; families with their children and pets were everywhere. Since our Miniature Yorkie Gidget is so tiny, every child that saw her, wanted to pet her. Because of her size, most everyone thinks she is a puppy - but - in reality, she is more than 8 years old. In dog years, she is a middle-aged woman. Consequently, being fussed over as if she were a little puppy wasn't going over well - she was about to come out of her skin. The other Yorkie, Bennigan actually lunged at another dog about 6 times his size.

Well, that was just the dogs having a hard time; so we pressed on. My favorite attraction/exhibit from previous years has always been the Bird's of Prey exhibition. It's still my favorite exhibit. However, without some sort of bleacher seating, only about 1 out of every 20 to 30 people gathered around the exhibit could possibly hear and see what was going on. In other words, if you weren't right up front, attempting to view and hear was nearly futile. Our three-year-old granddaughter grew restless and hungry. So we gathered our things together with dogs and wagon in tow and made our trek toward YO! BURRITO for lunch. Thanks! to YO! BURRITO, our family outing ended on an up note.

Lunch Downtown - Yo Burrito Saves the Day!

Yo Burrito logoAs we (my wife, daughter, son in law, granddaughter, two Yorkies, and myself) made our journey down King St from Marion Square, My daughter turned to me and said, "I really enjoy walking in Downtown Charleston". I agreed wholeheartedly. Even though the sidewalks were more than a little busy and the temperature was beginning to plummet, there was still that sense of mystical wonderment and anticipation that seems to always captivate me when I visit the downtown area. As we approached Wentworth Street and rounded the corner to the right, we could see Yo! Burrito just a little ways up and on the left. One of our primary reasons for choosing Yo! Burrito for lunch is because they are pet-friendly and allow their patrons to have their pets with them in the outside dining area. I used to think all outdoor dining areas were pet-friendly - not so. Margarita's in Summerville corrected that assumption. They have a strict no-pets-allowed policy even in their outdoor dining area. My apologies, I digress. So, Yo! Burrito is pet-friendly and their service is second to none. The food is fantastic and very reasonably priced. I got the Mexicali salad with grilled chicken. They offer an assortment of dressings, but with their outstanding and unique salsa bar, forget the dressing - just get some more salsa! With their large array of salsas and hot sauces from which to choose, I decided to try them all; my favorite being the jalapeno pineapple salsa! Yeah! The servers were gracious and friendly, and because of our experience at this wonderful dining establishment, our family outing ended on an up note. Many thanks to YO! BURRITO!