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Morris Island Shelling/Charleston Harbor Tour - Harborview Charters

Posted on 17 Jun 2013
Category: Tours, Family Entertainment, Beaches and Islands
Author: Steve Vail

HarborviewChartersLogoshem-creekFather's Day Weekend

Sunday was Father's Day. And my family is so great; they decided a day wasn't enough. Starting on Friday and ending Sunday, we celebrated Father's weekend. The weekend started with a Morris Island shelling expedition and Charleston Harbor tour Friday; kayaking down the Ashley River Saturday and kayaking in Shem Creek with the dolphins Sunday. Wow! a truly great weekend! These outings gave me the opportunity to try out my other Father's weekend gift - a new camera. Thank you God! for the greatest family in the world!

Starting the Expedition with Harborview Charters

To see and experience the Low Country barrier islands, and all that they have to offer to both visitors and local residents alike, Harborview Charters fits the bill on every level. Being a local resident, I've been on countless harbor tours and cruises; and visited most of the Low country barrier islands at least once or twice. So frankly, I was not expecting anything more than I had already experienced in the past. To my pleasant surprise, I could not have been more wrong. We met Captain Bret Curlett 8:00 promptly Friday morning at Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant; and the adventure began. Captain Bret's knowledge of the water ways and experience at being able to spot the coastal marine and wild life contributed toward making this family outing a most memorable experience. As we entered Charleston Harbor from Shem Creek, Captain Bret began sharing his knowledge of the waterways around Charleston and Lowcountry. He also took note that I couldn't wait to try out my new camera, and put forth a great deal of effort to ensure that I could get some nice shots.

Pelicans were diving all around us; so I selected the mode on my camera to take several shots per second. No matter how many times I've seen the scenario of a pelican diving for fish played out.... I never tire of watching it.


Harbor tour and Morris Island Shelling Expedition

Jocie-crabghost-crabIt was the perfect day. The weather was great and our Captain was all about making sure that our expectations were exceeded; slowing down at times for the sole purpose of enabling us to see things we've never seen in the Charleston Harbor before. Once we got to the island, we were given some excellent tips on finding sharks teeth and shells. Hardly anyone else was out there - it was like having our own private beach. We were able to find countless shark's teeth, conch shells, and sand dollars. However, having fun with the live marine life was the best. The ghost crab made the day for my granddaughter.

Sea Turtles and Dolphins in Charleston Harbor

I had seen dolphins in the harbor before, but never had the chance to photograph them, and I have never seen sea turtles in the harbor. So I consider the photo below to be the best shot of the day.


Thanks To Captain Bret of Harborview Charters


A special Thanks and Happy Father's day to Captain Brett Curlett of Harborview Charters; without his watchful eye and uncanny ability to stealthily approach the marine life, we most likely would not have seen this sea turtle and dolphin, much less been able to photograph them.

We concluded the day's adventure with lunch at Red's Ice House where we sat outside on the porch and watched the dolphins in Shem Creek come and go from the harbor.

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