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Charleston Aquarium - Adventurous, Fun, Educational

Posted on 13 Aug 2013
Category: Tours, Family Entertainment
Author: Steve Vail

aquarium-signFun for the Whole Family at The Charleston Aquarium


Located right on the edge of the Charleston Harbor, The Charleston Aquarium is undoubtedly one of Charleston's many outstanding attractions that have enabled the city to be named: "number one world destination" by Conde Nast Travel Reader's Choice Awards.

No matter how many times I visit the Charleston Aquarium, it's always a treat and I always see something that I hadn't seen before. When our family is all together and planning "family fun time", the Charleston Aquarium is the place to go. I recall when the Charleston Aquarium first opened in 2000. Our children were much younger and not on their own yet. The aquarium quickly became one of our favorite places to visit. Now I'm watching my granddaughter fall in love with it just as we did over 13 years ago.

Taking Plenty of Pictures at The Charleston Aquarium

On our recent visit with anticipations high, we arrived at about 10:00 AM, purchased our tickets and entered the aquarium. Of course, I had my camera out and ready for photo ops. This intrigued my granddaughter to the end that my daughter allowed her to use her I-phone to take photographs with me. My granddaughter will be four next month. She was awesome. She would say, "Pops let's take pictures of this - come over here Pops; this will be a great picture"  I loved every minute of it. Consequently... I took a lot of pictures.

turtle-tankCharleston Aquarium Staff - Knowledgeable, Attentive, and Hospitable

The workers and staff continue to do an excellent job; not only with making sure that every visitor's experience is memorable and informative, but also with the maintenance and upkeep of the building and exhibits. The facilities today are as they were thirteen years ago, and in some ways even better. At one point in the day my daughter was approached by one of the staff; she invited us up to the top of the main aquarium fish tank. So we were able to get a behind the scenes tour. Over forty feet deep and holding 385,000 gallons of salt water, the view from the top is most impressive. The 250 pound Loggerhead sea turtle, named "Caretta" came by to check us out while we were there. My granddaughter even had the opportunity to converse with one of the divers. It's truly awesome when an already perfect day becomes even more perfect.

turtle-waveCoretta the Sea Turtle Waving Goodbye as we Prepared to Leave Charleston Aquarium

South Carolina's state reptile is the Sea Turtle; and the SC Aquarium has been more than just pro-active in their efforts to move this beautiful creature off the endangered list. Home to a state of the art sea turtle hospital, the Charleston Aquarium in conjunction with sea turtle rescue teams, rescues, rehabilitate, and releases sea turtles back into the wild on regular basis. See "Sea Turtle Rescue / Release".

Beyond a doubt, the Charleston Aquarium is an attraction for the whole family to enjoy, experience, and build memories for a lifetime. If you've never been, I encourage you to plan a visit soon and see for yourself why this is one of Charleston and Low Country's premier attractions.

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