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Botany Bay Bone Yard Beach and Plantation - Historic SC Lowcountry

Posted on 31 May 2014
Category: Tours, Historic Sites, Beaches and Islands
Author: Steve Vail

Botany Bay and its Bone Yard Beach

Bone yard beach at Botany Bay - A literal bone yard on the beach? Not exactly. Over the years, the tides have changed and eroded areas where thriving forests once stood. Many of the trees are now fallen over with their massive root systems exposed to the elements. The constant ebb and flow of the sandy beach tides combined with the Sun and salt have quite literally sanded them smooth, and bleached them to a haunting off white that resemble the color of "bone". Consequently, the beach where this once thriving forest stood, has now taken on the characteristics of a "bone yard" at the beach. This beach is a haven for photographers. I've seen some of the sunrise and sunset pictures taken from here. They are fantastic. I'll be making plans to take some of my own soon.

Shells In Tree

1 Tree In Surf

Old Ice House

Entry Road

Botany Bay Plantation

Botany Bay is managed by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and encompasses over 4600 acres of one of SC's treasured wildlife preserves. It's also home to countless remnants and artifacts of some of the old antebellum southern plantations that once occupied this area. Amongst the most notable structures of Botany, is the old Ice House of Bleak Hall Plantation, one of its three buildings still in existence. While touring the trails in and around this natural and historic area, the history, and imagination of what once was has a way of dominating your thoughts. The entire area is both serene and captivating. The driving/cycling trails throughout the area provide a safe convenient passageway into an experience where the past and present seem to intersect with a kind of majestic ease.

Wildlife and Scenic Viewing at Botany Bay

For nature enthusiasts that relish opportunities for viewing wildlife, scenic maritime forests, and sea-island marshes, Botany Bay is more than just the ideal location. An easily accessible kayak and canoe launch provide a means for visitors to observe the indigenous wildlife and their habitats up close and personal. Botany Bay Plantation is home to several ponds derived from the old irrigation dikes, as well as canals, creeks, and salt water marshes that lead right up to the ocean's edge.

Walk To Beach

Driving Directions to Botany Bay

How do you get to the Bone Yard Beach at Botany Bay? If you're coming from Downtown Charleston, you'll want to take Savannah Highway (US HWY 17) south toward Savannah for 23 miles, which is shortly after you pass through the town of Ravenel. Turn left on State Road S-10-174. Stay on 174 for 26 miles, and just before you get to Edisto Beach, turn left onto Botany Bay Road. The entrance is within a mile or so. Depending on traffic, it's generally less than an hours drive and only a few minutes from Edisto Beach. Here's a link from Google Maps with a route planned from the Holiday Inn Charleston-Riverview:

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