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Thursday Jan 2, 2020
Category/Venue: North Charleston Performing Arts Center / Coliseum

Thursday January 02
Harlem Globetrotters
At The North Charleston Coliseum
Doors Open: 6:00 PM
Show Starts: 7:00PM
Parking: $10.00, Cash Only


Saturday Jan 4, 2020
Category/Venue: Charleston Music Hall

NS2, KARMA Life, & CMH Presents:
DOORS: 7:00PM / SHOW: 8:00PM

The more progressive/spacey vibe, with elements of Pink Floyd, the Grateful Dead, Eno and Miles Davis, comes naturally to the band, according to founding member and bassist Erick “Jesus” Coomes, an Orange County native whose father, Tommy Coomes, is a successful musician with a number of albums to his credit.
Trumpet and horn-player Eric “Benny” Bloom, a Rhode Island native who has been a full-time member of LETTUCE since 2011, notes, “This isn’t just a funk band anymore. We’re playing every style of music in every song. You can’t categorize it. We have the freedom to do whatever we want that’s appropriate for the song.”
Much of the futuristic, yet warm and analog feel, of Elevate, the band's sixth studio album, can be attributed to sax player, Portland, ME native and co-founding member Ryan Zoidis, who continued to explore the limits of his new toy, a vintage Korg X-911 synth.


Sunday Jan 5, 2020
Category/Venue: Charleston Music Hall

At The Charleston Music Hall
Tony Kemp Productions Presents:

Show Starts: 6:00 PM
Doors Open: 5:00 PM

For decades, the unforgettable caricature of veteran comedian James Gregory has stood grinning: his shirt untucked, his arms outstretched, a carefree welcome to a down-home, hilarious comedy experience. It’s storytelling at its best. The trademark caricature is the essence of humorist James Gregory’s comedy: rib-tickling reflections on life from the front porch.


Wednesday Jan 8, 2020
Category/Venue: Charleston Music Hall


Show Starts: 8:00 PM
Doors Open: 7:00 PM

Potter’s seventh full-length and first release for Fantasy Records, Daylight was created in close collaboration with producer/mixer/engineer Eric Valentine. In constructing the album’s wild collage of rock-and-roll, blues and soul, Potter tapped into her tightly honed musicianship while harnessing the untamed energy of her live performance for the very first time. “I had kind of resigned myself to the fact that I was always going to be better live than in the studio – but Eric was determined to tap into that raw energy that I have onstage.” she says. “He chased down a few different approaches, ultimately creating a kind of live music venue setup in his studio, so I could feel the sound reflecting off the walls and interact with the band instead of just singing into a void.”

Welcome to Keene, New Hampshire

Thursday Jan 9, 2020
Category/Venue: Pure Theatre

Show runs Thu Jan 09 – Sat Feb 1

Pure Theater
134 Cannon Street, Charleston, SC
Presents: Welcome To Keene, New Hampshire
by Brian James Polak
Directed by Sharon Graci
co–world premiere with Chicago’s Strawdog Theatre

Boasting a dramatic structure mirroring that of Thorton Wilder’s Our Town, Welcome to Keene, New Hampshire advances Wilder’s original question, which asked us to consider what it means to be human, to ask a much more pertinent one: what does it mean to be human in the world today?


Friday Jan 10, 2020
Category/Venue: The Gaillard Center

Two Shows: Fri Jan 10, 7:30 PM and Sat Jan 11, 7:30 PM

The Charleston Symphony Orchestra Presents:

It is difficult to imagine that anyone would ever consider the music of Johann Sebastian Bach overwrought and exaggerated, but this is indeed how many nineteenth century music critics interpreted his work. They labeled this period’s music “baroque,” stemming from the Portuguese word barroco, or “oddly shaped pearl.” Over time, music critics and audiences alike have come to regard Bach’s work as nothing short of genius, and the word baroque has shed its pejorative connotation to simply become the title for a period in music history.

After hearing Bach perform on the harpsichord in Berlin, the Margrave of Brandenburg commissioned Bach to send him original compositions to play at court. Bach in turn wrote six technically-complex, genre-bending concertos that today bear the name of their recipient, the BrandenburgConcertos. Enjoy an evening of groundbreaking and brilliant—but certainly not overwrought—baroque classics, featuring two of Bach’s six Brandenburg Concertos.


Saturday Jan 11, 2020
Category/Venue: Charleston Music Hall

Two Showings: Sat Jan 11, 2020 at 7:30 PM and Sun Jan 12, 2020 at 3:00 PM

Patton Daye Slater Productions and South Of
Broadway Theatre Company Present:

Doors Open: One hour before each show.

Music, mystery and good old fashioned family drama collide at the Charleston Music Hall. Love & Southern D!scomfort blends the lush backdrop of rural Louisiana with unbridled jealousy, joy, and pain as it weaves a riveting tale about an old-money family torn apart by addiction, mental illness and a secret better left untold.

SYNOPSIS: Beautiful and accomplished Milla Dejoie receives a phone call in the middle of the night from her estranged mother, Wilhelmina. Her grandmother, Mrs. Dejoie, dowager of polite Southern society, is dead, and along with her, Milla’s inheritance unless she comes home to bury her grandmother and claim the estate. Milla leaves her complicated life abroad and returns to her ancestral home, a sprawling postbellum Southern mansion, and to her mother, a faded alcoholic debutante laid low by the burden of bearing the family’s legacy. With the help of Louisa, the family’s cherished maid, the women begin to repair their relationship but their reconciliation grinds to a halt when a long-held secret erupts during the funeral that sends the family spinning out of control.


Tuesday Jan 14, 2020
Category/Venue: The Gaillard Center

The Charleston Gaillard Center Presents
Show Starts: 7:30 PM | Doors Open: 6:30 PM

For more than seven decades the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) has been at the forefront of music-making in the UK. Its home base since 2004 at London’s Cadogan Hall serves as a springboard for seven principal residencies as well as more than forty-five concerts per year in long-term partnership venues across the country, often in areas where access to live orchestral music is very limited. In London, the Orchestra’s regular performances at Cadogan Hall are complemented by a distinguished series at Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall and a hugely popular series at the Royal Albert Hall. With a wider reach than any other UK large ensemble, the RPO has truly become Britain’s national orchestra.