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Botany Bay Bone Yard Beach and Plantation - Historic SC Lowcountry

Posted on 31st May 2014
Category: Tours, Historic Sites, Beaches and Islands
Author: Steve Vail

Bone yard beach at Botany Bay - A literal bone yard on the beach? Not exactly. Over the years, the tides have changed and eroded areas where thriving forests once stood. Many of the trees are now fallen over with their massive root systems exposed to the elements. The constant ebb and flow of the sandy beach tides combined with the Sun and salt have quite literally sanded them smooth, and bleached them to a haunting off white that resemble the color of "bone"...

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Sullivans Island - A Mysteriously Intriguing Historic Island

Posted on 22nd Sep 2013
Category: Historic Sites, Beaches and Islands
Author: Steve Vail

Home of the Edgar Allen Poe Library, Fort Moultrie and the Sullivan's Island Lighthouse, at first glance Sullivans Island appears to be a typical small charming coastal township. But when you look a little deeper, you begin to see things on this Island that are far from typical. What many don't know, is that up until the end...

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The SC Lowcountry, Pee Dee, Midlands, and Piedmont

Posted on 18th May 2015
Category: Historic Sites
Author: Steve Vail

Is Charleston a part of the Lowcountry, or is the Lowcountry a part of Charleston? I hear questions like these frequently, especially from folks that aren't from...

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Pickett Park and Pitt Street Bridge

Posted on 30th Dec 2013
Category: Historic Sites, Family Entertainment
Author: Steve Vail

When I have the opportunity to write about, and feature places that, relatively speaking, very few know about; I am genuinely thrilled. Picket park is just such a place.

The history of Pickett Park and Pitt Street Bridge alone is worthy of recognition and esteem. Now couple that with the park and it's public access to the Inter-coastal waterway along with the Charleston Harbor for fishing and Kayaking, and you have an area of magnificent history, sites, and recreation. Whether bicycling, Kayaking, fishing, jogging, or simply out for a stroll, this park, and the surrounding area has something for everyone.

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