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Lunch In Downtown Charleston

Posted on 17th Feb 2013 08:18:34
Category: Family Entertainment, Culinary
Author: Steve Vail

The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition is huge and apparently it's getting larger every year. My intent was to see as many attractions/exhibits as possible and then fill this post up with my impressions. However, two major obstacles prevailed against me to prevent that: 1) The crowds; there was a tremendous turnout - in spite of the weather; 2) The weather; from the time we ...

Spectacular Live Blues Performances at Home Team BBQ

Posted on 12th Feb 2014 06:14:11
Category: Musical Performance, Family Entertainment, Culinary
Author: Steve Vail

I really really like Barbeque. However, not just any old BBQ will do. Slow cooked over wood; oak and/or hickory with an assortment of vinegar and mustard based sauces on the side, that's what I call real Barbeque. Now I also happen to have a rather strong affinity for live blues performances as well. So when it was brought to my attention that I just might have the opportunity to experience both at the same place and time... well now.

Charleston Culinary Tours - History, Food, Drink, and Southern Hospitality

Posted on 20th Mar 2014 04:52:14
Category: Tours, Culinary
Author: Steve Vail

Charleston Culinary Tours LogoThis was an afternoon of exquisite dining, meeting new friends, and a wonderful opportunilty to get a taste of some of Charleston's unique and superb culinary delights from some of Charleston's most prestigious chefs and restaurants. There are 4 different and completely unique tours from which to choose. Each as unique and exciting as the others. We chose the "Downtown Culinary Tour" and enjoyed a remarkably wonderful time. The other available tours are Upper King Street Culinary Tour; Chef's Showcase At The Farmer's Market Culinary Tour; and The Chefs' Kitchen Tour.
Charleston Culinary Tours

Summerville Trolley - Good Eats Tour on The Sweet Tea Trail

Posted on 19th Oct 2014 10:12:33
Category: Tours, Culinary
Author: Steve Vail

To start things off, Doctor Ed West presented a historic overview of Summerville in the rear conference room of the Summerville Museum. His insight and colorful depiction of past and present set the foundation for an enjoyable and informative tour. Our tour guide on the trolley was Barbara Lynch Hill, Author of the Book...

Palmetto Brewery Fri Night Concert Series

Posted on 14th Mar 2015 09:18:40
Category: Musical Performance, Culinary
Author: Steve Vail

A great way to end the work week; Palmetto Brewery's Friday night concert series – Live entertainment, delicious food, and beverage, topped off with a tour of Charleston's first Brewery. The folks at Awendaw Green provide the Musical entertainment by ...

Wingapalooza 2015 with Featured Band Bootless

Posted on 29th Apr 2015 20:55:39
Category: Musical Performance, Family Entertainment, Culinary
Author: Steve Vail

Wings being cooked up right there on location were from restaurants all over the Charleston and Lowcountry area : Sticky Fingers, Queology, Rusty Rudder, Melvin's, Smoke Food Truck, Kickin' Chicken, The Loophole, Paisano's, Bohemian Bull, East Coast Wings, Midtown Bar and Grill. I did my best to eat at least a couple of wings from each. Needless to say, I got full within a relatively short time.

Oscars of Summerville - A Wonderful Dining Experience

Posted on 15th Feb 2013 11:09:57
Category: Culinary
Author: Steve Vail

Summerville is about 30 miles north of Charleston and has a history that coincides.  Also it is my  town.  Consequently, I will be posting about Summerville events and businesses frequently.  Tonight is the eve of my beloved wife's birthday