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Charleston Aquarium - Adventurous, Fun, Educational

Posted on 13 Aug 2013 10:47:39
Category: Tours, Family Entertainment
Author: Steve Vail

Located right on the edge of the Charleston Harbor, The Charleston Aquarium is undoubtedly one of Charleston's outstanding attractions that has enabled the city to be named: "number one world destination" by Conde Nast Travel Reader's Choice Awards.

Sea Turtle Rescue / Release at Isle of Palms County Park

Posted on 31 Jul 2013 12:45:21
Category: Family Entertainment, Beaches and Islands
Author: Steve Vail

This past Wednesday morning, 10:00 AM at the Isle of Palms Charleston County Park, the South Carolina Aquarium along with the Sea turtle rescue team released three Sea Turtles back into the wild after they had been successfully rescued and rehabilitated: a Loggerhead; a Kemp's Ridley; and a Green.

Morris Island Shelling/Charleston Harbor Tour - Harborview Charters

Posted on 17 Jun 2013 20:07:48
Category: Tours, Family Entertainment, Beaches and Islands
Author: Steve Vail

Sunday was Father's Day. And my family is so great; they decided a day wasn't enough. Starting on Friday and ending Sunday, we celebrated Father's weekend. The weekend started with a Morris Island shelling expedition and Charleston Harbor tour Friday; kayaking down the Ashley River Saturday and kayaking in Shem Creek with the dolphins Sunday.

Bulls Island and Bone Yard Beach - A Low Country Must!

Posted on 27 May 2013 05:16:04
Category: Tours, Beaches and Islands
Author: Steve Vail

From the ferry ride over to the island to the ferry ride back, this is an adventurous exploration of an island that is unique in every way. The sights, the sounds, and the serenity along with the overall natural beauty of this SC Lowcountry barrier Island make it a place of wonder, discovery, and amazement.

Summerville - A Virtual Walking Tour Part 1

Posted on 9 Apr 2013 07:52:00
Category: Tours, Historic Sites
Author: Steve Vail

The town of Summerville, a most beautiful and interesting place. Summerville's origins date back to before the revolutionary war. Back then it was merely a village set up by many of the wealthy plantation owners to escape the "swamp gasses" of which they thought was the cause of Malaria. During the same time period, a new settlement was established on the Ashley River...

Fort Sumter - A Charleston Historic Icon

Posted on 30 Mar 2013 22:30:53
Category: Tours, Parks, Historic Sites, Family Entertainment
Author: Steve Vail

Recently some friends of mine, six IT guys with whom I've had the awesome privilege of working at McCrady Training Center in Columbia, came to Charleston for a visit, and to tour  Fort Sumter.  We met at  Patriot's Point  to catch the...

West Ashley Greenway - Charleston Cycling

Posted on 25 Mar 2013 05:06:32
Category: Trails, Family Entertainment
Author: Steve Vail

The West Ashley Greenway is a 'rails-to-trails' trail starting from only a couple of miles from downtown Charleston, it is approximately 10 miles long and carries cyclist, joggers, and hikers through some of the SC Lowcountry's most beautiful scenery overlooking the marshes adjacent to the Wapoo Cut and the ICW.

Billy Wilkie - Featured Charleston and Low Country Artist

Posted on 26 Feb 2013 09:32:26
Category: Artists/Artisans
Author: Steve Vail

Billy Wilkie is a self-taught artist that grew up right here in the SC Lowcountry area. I first began seeing Billy's art via social network media a couple of years ago.  To say the least, I was more than just a little intrigued. It's fascinating, unique, and inspiring.