Charleston And Lowcountry


Hi, My name is Steve Vail – owner and creator of Charleston and Lowcountry .com. I first decided to create a blog in an effort to learn the fundamentals of website design and development. I also thought it might be nice to make a little money while I was at it. I did some research and made a decision to create a site using the popular content management system (CMS) "WordPress". Next, I knew I should blog about something of which I am passionate and have at least some reasonable amount of knowledge. Well, Charleston and the surrounding South Carolina Lowcountry area came to mind immediately. I established an account with Google Adsense and began publishing articles. That was in 2013.

Today my goal to learn the fundamentals of website design and development has been reached. The site you see before you now, I built utilizing my own CMS of which I created using the integrated development environment (IDE) NetBeans, as well as XAMPP, mySQL database, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and the server-side language PHP. If visitors to this site enjoy it even half as much as I enjoyed creating it, I will count that as a huge success.

Now I have a new goal – to provide visitors to this site an enjoyably comprehensive, historic, and informative experience concerning the Charleston and Lowcountry area of SC. My only means to measure the success of this goal is via feedback from you. I'm interested to know if you like what you see, as well as what you may think of the site's content, so please leave comments at the end of the posts/articles or contact me.