Charleston And Lowcountry

Hi, I'm Steve V. – owner and developer of Charleston and Lowcountry .com. In the beginning, my reason for owning a web site was primarily an effort to learn the fundamentals of website design and development. I also thought it might be nice to make a little money while I was at it. I did some research and made a decision to create a site using one of the many popular open-source content management system (CMS). Next, I knew I should blog about something of which I am passionate and have at least some reasonable amount of knowledge. Well, Charleston and the surrounding South Carolina Lowcountry area came to mind immediately. I established an account with Google Adsense and began publishing articles. That was in 2013.

After a couple of years and many customizations of the ready-to-use out of the box CMS that I had been utilizing, I determined that the only way I would have the freedom to customize as I wanted was if I rebuilt my site from scratch. It was a daunting task but in the end well worth the effort. I learned a great deal about client-side and server-side languages as well as relational databases and site file management. This has enabled me to easily learn and teach the fundamentals of other widely used CMSs such as Microsoft SharePoint and WordPress. Learning new things and having the opportunity to teach what I've learned is something in which I derive a great deal enjoyment and fulfillment.

Taking photos and writing about the Charleston and SC Lowcountry area in many ways has become its own reward. Every blog post on this site has many hours of research behind it with multiple visits to each location. Historic accuracy and an honest depiction of the subject is paramount. I can and will make the necessary corrections to any article in which I may have depicted something incorrectly. Also if you read about something of which you might have a deeper insight, please leave a comment and/or contact me. I love hearing stories about the Charleston and Lowcountry area and with permission I utilize many of them in my articles.